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Polymer Products:  Rulon® and Meldin® Materials


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Polymer Products group, has more than 40 years of material technology and fabrication experience.  The company's Rulon® engineered PTFE material and Meldin® products are widely used throughout the Oil and Gas industry.


Rulon® PTFE series, available in 16 grades offering very specific properties.  Product capabilities include Bearings, Rings, Tapes, and Formed parts.


Meldin® series sets the standard of excellence for problem-solving materials.  Our engineers have designed these products for highly demanding applications in which metals and other materials will not perform adequately.



Polymer Products


Rulon MaterialsRulon® materials date back fifty years and provide long-term use in harsh environments where low-friction and high-wear resistance are critical properties.  Rulon is a versatile engineered PTFE material that has survived decades of use as slide beam support shoes for the Alaska pipeline.


The unique properties of low deformation and high chemical resistance to petroleum products are ideally suited for valves, bearings and seals.  Rulon materials' wide working tempeature of -400°F to +550°F (-240°C to +288°C) is able to perform in all climates and severe conditions.



Meldin MaterialsMeldin® products offer superior mechanical properties that allow for long-life, maintenance-free operation of pump and valve applications that support fluid handling and down-hole drilling for the Oil and Gas industry.  Components such as thrush washers, piston rings and bearings are dependent on Meldin® materials' peak performance to deliver consistent operation.


Sealing & Polymer Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Seal & Polymer Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


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