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Saint-Gobain Crystals:  Detectors


The Scintillation Products division of Saint-Gobain Crystals is the industry leader in ruggedized radiation detector solutions for the oil and gas industry, supplying customized gas-filled detectors and Bicron® scintillation crystal detectors. 


We provide single crystals and integrated detectors to meet both wireline and MWD requirements for harsh environment applications.



SG-NXGenDetector Products

NxGen® Ti detectors

The latest in crystal packaging technology.  NxGen Ti provides increased scintillation performance with the same rugged specifications provided with Bicron® geophysical designs.

BrilLanCe® 380 scintillator in NxGen® titanium sapphire housing

For downhole drilling.  Higher density, twice the light output, and sharper photopeak resolution (50% the full width at half maximum) of standard detectors.

BrilLanCe® 380 scintillation materials

Higher density, twice the light output, sharper pulse height resolution, and a faster decay time have made BrilLanCe® 380 the industry's choice for spectrometry and carbon/oxygen logging.

Nal (Tl)

Of all the available scintillators, Nal (Tl) is the most extensively used material.  Nal (Tl) has a very high luminescence (scintillation) efficiency and is available in single crystal or polycrystalline form in a wide variety of sizes and geometries.  The material exhibits no significant self-absorption of the scintillation light.

Standard Geophysical Detectors

The primary use of our geophysical detectors is for oil and gas exploration.  Our reputation for designing and manufacturing detectors capable of surviving use in the harsh environmental conditions of oil exploration has gained us wide recognition and acceptance in this industry.  Saint-Gobain Crystals guarantees the hermeticity of the crystal housing will withstand the rugged operating environment.  Our MWD detector technology incorporates all the dynamic design considerations of our ruggedized detectors with the advantages of an integrated photomultiplier tube and engineered design, thus allowing for unmatched survivability and performance of a fully functioning gamma ray detector system.

Slimline geophysical detectors

Engineered for applications that require a very small detector diameter yet function in aggressive environments.

Helium-3 gas tubes

Developed to withstand the high vibration, high temperature environments of today's "Measurement While Drilling" Oil Well Logging applications.  He-3 proportional counters are well-suited for measuring substrates high in hydrogen, such as water and oil, where the substrate being meaasured acts as the moderator.

Geiger-Mueller (G-M) tubes

Commercially available tubes for over 40 years.  The design of a Geiger-Mueller tube is often optimized for a specific application; therefore, considerable differences in shape, size, gas formulations and radiation sensitivity exist.  G-M tubes are the gamma detector of choice for the highest temperature logging applications.